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Our Eastern Ontario White Cedar trees are finally ready to be dug and delivered. These big, beautiful trees were planted with love as seedlings almost 10 years ago. Every year they were weeded trimmed to encourage growth and watered regularly throughout the dry summers.

  • We only offer a delivery service for do-it-yourselfers and landscapers.
  • We do have minimum sized orders to remain cost-effective.
  • There is no warranty on delivered trees.
  • ‘Delivery’ is the crew unloading them off the back of the truck at your desired location (we don’t cart them into the yard).
  • We dig our trees fresh for each delivery and we deliver all season long until the ground freezes.
  • We will provide an aftercare sheet to assist you in helping them thrive.
  • Although spring is the most popular time to plant, fall is actually the best time. Frost and snow aren’t an issue. The fall is a great time to plant as the trees are about to go dormant and the weather is cooler so watering isn’t as urgent. Your new trees would already be there for the spring snow thaw and spring showers. By the time the heat of the summer comes, they will be well on their way to becoming established.
  • These are far superior to the wild cedars that are often the norm in the White Cedar industry. We are offering the 7-8ft trees, 8-9ft trees and 10ft trees at this time for DELIVERY only.
  • All sales are final, please order accordingly.

We only accept cheques or cash

7-8ft Cedars delivered @ $80 each cheque or $65 cash

1per foot for a tight hedge

8-9ft Cedars delivered @ $100 each cheque or $85 cash

9 per 10ft for a tight hedge

10ft Cedars delivered @ $150 each cheque or $120 cash

8 per 10ft for a tight hedge


Before contacting us please note the minimum order requirements:

Minimum 10 trees for the 7-8ft trees
Minimum 8 trees for the 8-9ft tress
Minimum 5 trees for the 10ft trees

Quality Trees

Our trees our weeded, watered and trimmed on a regular basis, which equates to superb cedar trees for our customers.

Dug Fresh

We dig our trees fresh daily to ensure they our delivered in great condition and ready to plant.


Why transport everything yourself? With our efficient delivery service, we bring the trees to you!


Fantastic service! The entire process was seamless.

John B., Georgina

Super fair prices and the trees were in great shape!

Thomas F., Toronto

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